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Yuko Ishihara is a Ph.D. candidate in philosophy at the University of Copenhagen and she is also affiliated with the Japanese Philosophy department at Kyoto University. Her master’s thesis is titled “Nishida Kitaro and Emil Lask: from logic of validity to logic of basho,” and she is now finishing her Ph.D. thesis, titled “Transcendental Philosophy and its Transformations: Heidegger and Nishida’s critical engagements with transcendental philosophy in the late 1920s.”

• Phenomenology
• Japanese Philosophy
• Transcendental Philosophy
• Hermeneutics
• Zen Buddhist Tradition

Yuko engages with comparative philosophy as an approach to better understand the nature of the self and reality. She has mainly worked on phenomenology and Japanese philosophy with a specific interest in the development of transcendental philosophy in these traditions. Having completed a comparative research project on Heidegger’s and Nishida’s transformations of transcendental philosophy in the late 1920s, she is now focusing on more general questions concerning foundational issues, as well as applications of philosophy in other areas within and outside academia.

Science and Phenomenology


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University of Copenhagen