A Project to Initiate a Comprehensive Dialogue Between Scientists and Phenomenologists

In 2001, Piet Hut and Dan Zahavi met as invited speakers at the Husserl Circle meeting in Bloomington, Indiana. Since then, they have been engaged in a dialogue to establish similarities and differences between the philosophical tradition of phenomenology and the practice of scientific research. They are currently writing a manuscript entitled Open Mind, Open World, and they have invited others to engage in their dialogue.


Our main interest is the role of the subject, in phenomenology as well as in science. The notion of the transcendental subject, from Kant to Husserl, is a topic that has not received much attention so far in circles of cognitive science, neuroscience, and artificial intelligence. We are exploring ways to engage researchers from a wide range of areas to discuss the nature of subjects, as more than, and qualitatively different from, intelligent complex objects.

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