On: Wednesday, November 2nd6PM At: City Crab Shack (10 E 16th st, in Manhattan)

Agents are of central importance to cognitive science, but research usually takes them as pre-given and proceeds to study some of their particular aspects, often without awareness of or a definite answer to the question, "what is agent?" In order to get a handle on this question, it is useful to consider what might be considered minimal examples of agency--protocells that maintain their individuality by interacting adaptively with their environment. Join us in a discussion with Dr. Eran Agmon (Columbia) who will describe a computational method for studying protocells, and the consequences of these results on the foundation of cognitive science.

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*Please note that there is no event this Friday at the Rubin, but do keep an eye out for further info regarding next Friday's (Nov 11) Chasing Consciousness event, "From Knowing What You Have to Waking Up to What You Are"with Dr. Piet Hut (IAS, Princeton).