Part of the series “Chasing Consciousness: From Cells to Societies, Neuroscience to Machine Awareness”

Speakers: Ed Turner (Princeton University) and Caleb Scharf (Columbia University)

The Breakthrough Starshot Initiative (BSI) is an ambitious program to send tiny spacecraft to nearby stars within a few decades, traveling at about 20 percent the speed of light. Starshot will combine advances in micro-electronics, nano-tech and photonics (lasers). Join Ed Turner (BSI Advisory Board/Princeton/YHouse) and Caleb Scharf (Columbia/YHouse) in discussing how Starshot will work, and how these interstellar probes are likely to carry artificial, perhaps sentient intelligences. Will machine based AIs be better for exploring and occupying the Galaxy than biological intelligences? It may turn out that the stars will belong to synthetic awarenesses—our very different descendants.

Friday, October 14, 5 p.m. – 6 p.m.
Art Lounge of the Rubin Museum of Art

Black and white photos credit: Luis Tsukayama Cisneros