Speaker: Adele Goldberg (Princeton University)

Abstract: While being able to converse about a topic is viewed as quintessential evidence of our being conscious of that topic, a good part of our interpretation of language is opaque to our conscious mind. Two different types of examples will be offered: conventional metaphors (e.g., food for thought), and meaningful grammatical patterns, with evidence provided from fMRI data and from implicit priming.


  • Ed Turner, Princeton University
  • Michael Solomon, Chair Robert Wood Johnson Barnabas University Hospital Bioethics Committee and Co-Chair Medical Society of New Jersey Bioethics Committee
  • Olaf Witkowski, Earth-Life Science Institute
  • Piet Hut, Institute for Advanced Study
  • Susan Schneider, The University of Connecticut
  • Tijmen Lansdaal, University of Amsterdam

Thursday, September 22, 12:30 p.m.
Institute for Advanced Study, 1 Einstein Drive, West Building Seminar Room, 2nd floor
Host by the Program in Interdisciplinary Studies