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  • United States

Chasing Consciousness: Quantum Computing, AIs, and Us

Want to know what quantum computing really is? Could a quantum computer actually outstrip all known digital computers and build a better AI? Can a quantum computer become conscious? Who knows how to write algorithms for a quantum machine? What is quantum mechanics anyway and why is it such a beautiful headache?

Join acclaimed science journalist and author George Musser and YHouse co-founder and scientist Caleb Scharf as they struggle and sweat over these questions and more. If you've ever wanted a beginner’s guide to quantum physics, quantum computers, and one possible future for AI, then this is your lucky evening! Get your wavefunction over to Caveat.

The speakers:
George Musser is an award-winning journalist and scientist whose books The Complete Idiot’s Guide to String Theory and Spooky Action at a Distance have received numerous accolades. 

Caleb Scharf is the Director of Astrobiology at Columbia University and author of popular science books such as The Copernicus Complex and The Zoomable Universe.

Event starts at 6:00pm sharp (doors open at 5:30pm).
Tickets $15.

Purchase tickets here: http://caveat.nyc/event/chasing-consciousness-quantum-computing-ais-and-us4-10-18