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Cognition Lunch Salon Topic: Ethics and A.I.

Open Discussion Led By: Michael Solomon (RWJBarnabas & MSNJ Bioethics Committee) and Olaf Witkowski (Earth-Life Science Institute)

Abstract: We are sharing this article in hopes of stimulating discussion at our Thursday March 8th meeting (click title to read): "Personal robots are coming into your home. Will they share your family values?" Is it possible to program ethical values in the machines we use and have come to rely on? Can we even agree on fundamentals like “Do unto others...” or “Thou shalt not kill”? Is Diversity an obstacle to finding shared values? Can urban surveillance cameras with facial recognition be used to prevent crime and terrorism, without being used by authoritarian governments to weed out dissent? Can we have Transparency in decision making when no one can determine how neural networks reach conclusions? Ethics choices may not be between good and evil, but more often involve conflicting goods. Can we make better policies and choices with A.I. than we can without it?

This event is by invitation only. To request an invitation, please email us at info@yhousenyc.org