• Institute of Advanced Studies (map)

Speakers: Piet Hut (IAS, Princeton) and Yuko Ishihara (ELSI, Tokyo)

We will start with a quick review of a paper, started by Piet and two (then) postdocs at IAS at the end of the previous century, and finally published in 2006, about the nature of reality: "On Math, Matter and Mind", by Piet Hut, Mark Alford and Max Tegmark.  In that paper Piet's position centered on a big question mark in the middle of their central diagram.  Now, almost two decades later, Yuko and Piet will investigate that question mark, theoretically and experientially.  Theoretically, by comparing various philosophical traditions.  Experientially, by starting with Husserl's epoche and considering extensions beyond the subject/object polarization.